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Where stories come to life. Sparking joy and learning.

Dive into a magical world where every story whispers, listens, and dances right off the page!

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where the charm of classic storytelling meets the brilliance of modern AI technology, sculpting a unique reading experience for your child.

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What we create

A digital format of children's books with vocal interactions

Our state-of-the-art software delivers children's books with a whole new active learning experience. This experience encourages kids to interact with the book using their voice. The result is better comprehension of the book, as demonstrated in our laboratory studies.

Focused on Pre-K 3-5 year age group

Our books

Focus on educational value

Our solution is scientifically proven

The two major factors that impact a child's language development are the total amount of speech exposed to the child and the amount of contingent Interaction. Pajama Cats Media uses artificial intelligence to simulate contingent interaction in the use of interactive children's books. Our work is based on:

  • The Interactive Constructive Active Passive (ICAP) theory of effective learning
  • Laboratory research at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Solid results accumulated over years


Years of work at a research lab


Over 100 child participants

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