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Easily purchase our books with just a few clicks or access our books through volume distribution. You can bring your classroom into the new age and provide your students with a more interactive and engaging learning experience. Our solution has been tested and proven to be effective by scientific research, you can trust that will help your students succeed in their studies.

Key Factors

Approved science

Based on ICAP learning theory and tested by research

True educational value

Leverage existing books into active learning material with true educational value

Privacy protection

We don't collect any data unless you told us to do so

Custom and integration

We can add assessment and integrate to Learning Management Systems according to your needs

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Key benefits

Scalable active learning

Active learning can be a powerful tool in the classroom. We provide an innovative way to incorporate it at large scale by using digital books with built-in conversational AI. These books allow students to have interactive, constructive, active learning experiences.

Another benefit of using these books is that they can provide a more personalized learning experience. With traditional learning methods, all students are often expected to learn the same material at the same pace. With our books, the learning experience can be tailored to each student's pace, helping them to learn more effectively.

Finally, these books can help to make scalable active learning more accessible to students. Traditional active learning for all students can be out of reach for many schools. Children's books with built-in conversational AI, on the other hand, can be used with just a few simple iPads, making them an affordable and practical way to bring active learning into the classroom.

Reduce teachers' burnout

As a teacher, you are dedicated to your students and their education. But the demands of the job can be overwhelming, leading to burnout and decreased job satisfaction. That's where our product comes in. By using automation and AI, we can help reduce your workload and streamline your reading classes.

The benefits of our product go beyond just helping you. When teachers experience burnout, it can have a negative impact on students and their learning experience. By using our product, students can be told how to read by the book itself. You can also improve the educational experience for students, especially those who have concentration issues.

Leverage familiar contents

As a teacher, you know how important it is to keep your students engaged and motivated. But when they are introduced to unfamiliar contents, it can be difficult for them to stay focused and understand the material. That's where our product comes in. By leveraging exisiting books with active learning experience, we make it easier for students to adopt and absorb new concepts and ideas. This helps to bridge the gap between what students already know and what they are learning, making it more meaningful and relevant to them.

Not only does this make it easier for students to understand the material, but it also helps to keep them engaged and motivated. When students are interested in the content, they are more likely to participate and retain what they have learned.

Help kids with special needs

Research shows our digital books works exponentially well with children with special needs, such as PTSD and autism. With the help of cutting-edge technology, we are able to assist and empower children who may have otherwise struggled in a traditional learning environment, allowing these kids to thrive and reach their full potential.

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